What's a Be.Box? 

Be.Boxes are the name we've given to our new Market.Be support boxes. Each box contains several sets of compostable cutlery, lovingly folded into a serviette and placed in a characteristic container. 

Inside the box is a free refill bag containing spare cutlery. The bags themselves are food waste bags, which are designed to compost. Letting traders get rid of any food waste or put used cutlery inside the bag, which is then simply placed in compost bins, heaps or even donated to horticulture traders at the end of any market day, who can use the compost to fertilise their own plants and produce. Cutting down on the amount of fertiliser they need to buy and making use of food waste products that would otherwise have to be collected and dumped. 

Meet Nicolas, He's a Character!

Every container has a different character and even has a name! The cutlery is presented in each container, ready to use straight away. Saving trader a lot of time!

That's not all! The containers can be tracked by us or traders using a QR code that takes you to the Be.Box's own micro-site. Check out which traders have had that box along the way, or visit the trader's own social media account. Our Be.Boxes help raise the trader's profile and also gives you an all inclusive trader directory entry. Helping customers and clients find and book you for their own markets, events and festivals. 

Monthly Subscription: What's included?

A Be.Box subscription is so much more than just a single purchase of cutlery. 

  • It's a refillable cutlery drawer
  • A social media marketer
  • It spreads the costs
  • It's a teacher
  • It lets customers know where you are
  • It is a customer loyalty programme
  • It's your support!

Not only that! Traders who've got an active box subscription are automatically promoted on social media. Many traders have take advantage of our internal design team for graphic design work at heavily discounted rates, which can be offered co-branded and promoted on our social channels.

Be.Boxes: How do they work?

How it works

Each Be.Boxes we deliver contains a known number of catering items. Traders who contribute to market activity or collaborate and actively publicise themselves mentioning, tagging or better still, showing us (shameless plug) are rewarded with extra cutlery or catering consumables in their next refill. This helps encourage traders to actively market themselves, each others, the markets and us.


You are marketing yourselves right?

Good! It is essential for brand awareness anyway, but for us, this means the amount we would normally spend on marketing ourselves can be recycled into more tangible benefits to traders. 

If you can't find time to market us, don't worry. Your subscription comes with social media exposure on our channels. It's all inclusive.


Social Trade? What's that?

Yes! We have a social good twist after all.

Our subscriptions give you a standard offering. We also want to reward good, responsible business practice and foster a sense of community, though productive collaborations between traders, social enterprises, social good causes and the community. Everything you do to improve your local area, promoting your market, promote us, or collaborate with other traders which you want us to see or consider, tag us into a photo promoting the cause and this earns you credit and, well, free stuff! 

But algorithms are bad, right?   

Algorithms have been getting a lot of bad press lately. However, algorithms are just a process. A tool. Like doing your books, counting your sales, checking your bank account, using a hammer or cutting with a steak knife. The person or company chooses what the ultimate outcome of the algorithm should be.

Here at Market.Be, we want to reclaim the use of algorithms for social good. By using them to encourage collective social benefit. This is where we are the leading innovators in the market and we've taken it upon ourselves to clear its name. 

However, we're under no illusions that this is going to be a cultural challenge. Many organisations struggle to understand what we do, but also there is a lot of heritage we don't want to disturb. Yet, the proof of the value of markets is there. Especially in the rise of contemporary artisan markets, the taking of card payments and the use of tech. Our historic specialism in economic and mathematical modelling means it's perhaps up to organisations like us, to find it.

You're Not a Social Enterprise! How very dare you! 

OK, wait! Hear us out :) so here's a complex discussion. We were looking for a structure that could adequately provide us with a way to reward participants adequately. We looked at a number of models. CIC and Social Enterprise, CIO, Charity and Private Limited company. Every one of them fits a role, but none of them allowed us to the flexibility to provide the value communities needed. 

Then we had a brain wave! 

Great! How do you sign up?

Getting started is simple

  1. Go to our online shop.
  2. Choose the Be.Box that best fits you
  3. Checkout and Pay
  4. Tell us which market you'll be at 
  5. Receive your Be.Box on the day

Once your order has been confirmed, we start packing your box. It is taken from one of our distribution points and delivered to you. We've partnered up with local couriers across the country to ensure a speedy delivery service that can reach you in as little as 1 hour, usually on market day. Meaning you needn't worry about packing your cutlery, serviettes, trays and gloves.  

No mess, no fuss, no minimum contract! 

What are you waiting for? Get your Be.Box subscription now!